Earth Disaster Alert

October 2, 2009

I’m writing this is early October. In the last few days there has been an upsurge of earth disasters. Over a week before this I posted a ‘Earth Disaster Alert’ on Facebook pointing to a dangerous period between the Aries Full Moon of 04 October 2009 and the following Libra New Moon of 18 Oct. In fact the disasters have begun a few days earlier- as the Full Moon approaches- perhaps because, predictably, Aries is eager to act! I made my predictions for this specific period based upon the aspect we see in those full and new Moon charts of a Mars and South Node conjunction. This ‘signature’ can be found in other disaster charts. I saw this when I did the research on disaster charts for my book, ‘Astrolocality Astrology’. The aspect [or signature] of Mars with South Node came up again and again, both in geophysical events and political events too. [For instance, in the 9/11 attack chart, there it is, Mars conjoined South Node within a 2 degree orb!]
Mars and the South Node come together regularly in a cycle that is under two years, and though always dangerous, e.g. the 9/11 attack, why is this period more sensitive than usual?  I believe this is so because of the other major configurations we see now of Saturn oppose Uranus and potent Pluto in the beginning of Capricorn, a cardinal sign- all moving to a grand alignment . There is much written about the Saturn oppose Uranus now in blogs as well as full discussions at conferences etc., but little mentioned about the Mars–SN signature which may be the trigger for the manifestations we are seeing and experiencing now.
If this is an accurate assessment it makes the A*C*G map for the 04 October Aries Full moon, that much more valuable as a predictive tool as to what we may expect over the next few weeks. For those wanting to have a look with their own mapping software,the data are: 04 October 2009, 6:11 am GMT. I usually use Greenwich as my location, many use Washington DC, but that is of no matter once the map is calculated. A look at the map shows that a Mars line [with its Node line nearby] is close to every disaster manifesting  so far. Chronologically:
1. Samoa Islands [Earth quake with resulting Tsunami]; Mars on the IC, only 28 miles Pago Pago [American Samoa] to 130 miles from Western Samoa. The quake epicentre was nearby just south of the islands. This is close! (Perhaps we can make something out of the fact that both Mars and the South Node are in watery Cancer!)
2. Central Vietnam [Typhoon]- Hight winds and inundation with water:  Mars descending – with the South Node nearby, smack through the centre of Vietnam
3. Padang, Sumatra Island, Indonesia, strong quakes, with over 1000 dead as counted so far. The Mars descending and Node lines straddle each side of Padang, with Mars descending only 60 miles away!

Based upon this Full Moon ACG map as a predictive tool, what other danger locations do we see? The lines cover many locations but some jump out as possibilities: Dallas and Houston, Mexico City [past quakes], Granada and San Jose [Central America], Guayaguil [Ecuador], Lima and Santiago. Keep in mind that some of these zones could have political incidents of violence rather than earth calamities.
There is a Pluto descending line through Los Angeles and up through California but I don’t think that in itself is enough to predict the ‘big one’ . If it were Mars and Pluto both, I’d fear it as a possibility.
Note: Students of locality astrology will note that Geodetic maps too give us disaster areas. I suggest interested readers check that out themselves as there are interesting correlations that can be seen.

Spring and Summer ’09 Ingress maps

July 4, 2009

In response to a query from Virginia about subsequent ingress charts I’m adding the following.  I don’t immediately address the USA, but since we live in a ‘global village’ events from anywhere on the globe can affect us:

If you were to look at the spring ingress ACG map [20 March 2009, 11:45 AM GMT, Greenwich, UK]. with only the difficult lines of SA and MA lines displayed.  The first thing that might catch our eye is that Mars and Saturn lines straddle Mexico City, which of course had been the centre of a world-wide ‘swine flu’ scare. Saturn descending can be seen to the east of Mexico City. Among other attributes, Jim Lewis spoke of misfortune through cooperation [dangerous social interaction and unpleasant quarantine] and relationship difficulties [shutdown/banning of public gatherings] with SA descending. With Mars rising westward of Mexico City, the inhabitants could expect ‘harsh, demanding and challenging situations’ certainly that could represent the personal and financial situation that is confronted the populace there.

Looking eastward on the world map, we see the SA and MA lines running near Karachi Pakistan and New Delhi India. SA rising near Delhi perfectly describes their security concerns over terrorism, and the planning and organisation required for the complex, marathon, month-long election poll that happened there. Over 700 million voters are cast ballots across that nation and the vote was deemed to be fair.

Mars descending is almost exactly through Karachi. Jim Lewis found Mars descending to ‘one of the least desirable locations, as here you attract attract violence and other’s antipathy …’ In the spring, this was an area of great concern to the world community as gains by the Taliban had raised the spectre of the possible fall of the country and more worrying, the loss of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons to the insurgents. The same Mars descending line runs within 50 miles from Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan, the central town of Helmand Province, a hotbed of Taliban strength. In the spring President Obama announced more US troops for that region to counter the Taliban threat there. Also noted is the city of Mingaora [Pakistan] in the Swat Valley, near the midpoint of the Saturn ascending and Mars descending lines. The SA rising in the mix described the suffering of the civilian population, with over a million people dispossessed, having to flee the fierce fighting between Taliban and government forces. 

So, what strife might we have in store for this summer of 2009? A look at the ingress chart and map may give us an indicator [21 June 2009, 5:47 AM, GMT, Greenwich, UK].  A first look at this map shows that Mexico City [with SA descending] and New Delhi [with SA rising] will still have Saturnian issues requiring perseverance and purpose.

What catches the eye however is the Mars MC line connecting Moscow [340 miles], T’bilisi [89 miles], Tehran [271 miles], Baghdad [120 miles], Riyadh [direct hit] and Mogadishu, Somalia [80 miles]. Since we know that Mars brings intense power and sometimes the need to dominate [along with courage], there are indications of more strife to come this summer from this region. Moscow, Georgia and the breakaway province of South Ossetia have all had fights with each other previously and tensions and recriminations are still the order of the day. Further south along that MA-MC line, the addition of intense, passionate and rebellious Martian energy to the mix of the diverse Islamic cultures and political systems found in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia [Riyadh is the capital and largest city in Saudi Arabia], could mean a long hot summer for their inhabitants and a threat to world order as well. Just recently Mars raised its war-like head in Iran as there have been demonstrations against what looks like a stolen election, with resulting government oppression against the demonstrators. The world turned its attention to this martian situation.

Yet further south, that same Mars MC line through Mogadishu does point to more piracy attempts countered by an international naval presence or to a serious threat to the survival of Somalia itself as Al-Qaeda jihadist assaults could overwhelm government forces there with any concerted offensive.

On an optimistic note however, we see an unusual and unique situation this solstice with Mars being conjoined by Venus and trined by Saturn. This could mean tension followed by realistic efforts for peace negotiations and acceptance of rule of law. We see that in Iran at this writing, though government review of the election seemed to be superficial at best with no possibility of a real review. So far Mars MH near Tehran remains primarlily and indicator of government might suppressing elements of an angry population.

The theme of this thread remains :  to show the usefulness of ACG seasonal ingress maps in predicting global hot spots [Mars] and/or locations of great difficulty or requiring unusual organisation [Saturn].

More on the Winter Ingress ACG Map

February 9, 2009

Please see my original post on this topic below. This is a followup:

We are still in the Winter period of the Ingress ACG Map as I write this [09 Feb]. The Mars Descanding line makes a harsh paran with both UR-MC and Saturn- IC, right through Sri Lanka. In the last few weeks it looks like the Tamily insurgency is crumbling. Also attacks on NATO convoys have taken their toll in the Khyber pass.

Other lines are making sense now:  Both Mars and Pluto Ascending lines are about 60 miles from Washington DC, where there is a presidential/congressional struggle to get a Stimulus bill passed. This certainly speaks of the passion, drive and power struggle we see going on there. On another note: A Mars-Pluto paran crosses through the fire zone in Victoria Australia.  As said, these ingress maps are powerful mundane indicators.

Note: I’ll be giving two locational talks at the coming Balkan astrological conference on 14-15  March ’09 in Belgrade. I’m looking forward to it.  Though unlikely, do come and say hello if you are attending.

A*C*G and Seasonal Ingress maps

December 30, 2008

I’m very pleased to have this opportunity to write about various locality issues and to have a forum to interact with you, the reader – taking your questions and learning from you as well. It is all happening because Matrix software is back home again with its founder Michael Erlewine, who isn’t wasting anytime making the website a valuable astrological resource. Thank you Michael!
An area of focus for me right now has been the predictive power of the A*C*G [ACG] maps of seasonal ingress [solstices and equinox] moments. Over the last few years I haven’t seen much written about these maps, nor have I encountered anyone at conferences addressing the information they give us. With this in mind I wrote an article, ‘Astro*Carto*Graphy Mapping in Mundane Studies’, which was published in the October/November 2008 edition of The Mountain Astrologer [TMA]. As a Virgo [with ME in Virgo as well] I’m drawn to teaching type articles, full of juicy detailed footnotes. Yes, I love footnotes!
This topic has become the one I speak on now and plan to write about. I spoke on the Aries [spring equinox] ACG map at the British conference in September 2008 and then discussed the imminent,  September fall ingress, which was only days away. The beauty of it all was that using ingress ACG maps we had an intelligent discussion as to what had happened and what might happen in the coming fall season. As with all things of locality, we had the opportunity to pin down where events might manifest, giving us a valuable guide to worldwide hotspots.

Since working with these maps on a systematic basis is new to me, here is one pattern that I’ve noticed that might be of interest: The Mars Descending ACG line.
The way things are today, it’s good to know where in the world there might be violent confrontations. This can be for general knowledge in understanding why violence is flaring up at certain places and in certain time frames, but it could also alert us to areas we might not want to visit at those dangerous times!

Jim Lewis wrote about the Mars Descending line: ‘This is one of the least desirable locations, as here, you attract violence and others’ antipathy …’ and ‘relationships [are] usually passionate and combative’.

Here are examples of the Mars Descending ACG line from the last four ingress ACG maps I have reviewed:

1. Aries [spring] ingress [20 March 2008, 5:50 am, GMT for London, UK]

Mars Descending line connects Columbia and Ecuador. Columbia had bombed FARC rebel bases right before the equinox and the entire area remained inflamed during the season with troops from Venezuela, Columbia and Ecuador at each other’s borders.

2. Cancer [summer] ingress [21 June 2008, 00:01 am, GMT for London, UK]

Well, Descending Mars for this ingress doesn’t connect warring countries but it is in the proximity [about 800 miles] from Beijing, which hosted the summer Olympics. Mars Descending for a worldwide sporting event is a good representation for that energy and probably the best way to burn it off without overt violence.

3. September [fall] ingress [22 September 2008, 3:46 pm GMT for London, UK]

Wow, this one is hot! Mars Descending is only about 85 miles from Moscow and it runs directly to Tskhinvali, the capital of the breakaway republic of South Ossetia, where fighting was going on between the two nations in this period.

4. December [winter] ingress [21 December 2008], 12:05 pm GMT for London, UK]

This winter period is only 9 days old as I write this. Mars Descending connects Sri Lanka [Tamil Tigers] to Southern India, and India to Pakistan, two nuclear powers bringing up troops in the North. The Mars Descending line is about 250 miles from the Khyber Pass [connecting Pakistan to Afghanistan], which has just been sealed for military operations against insurgents. This is all still developing, nine days into the 3-month seasonal period.

Mars Descending is nowhere near the Middle East where there is currently a deadly confrontation between Israel and Hamas. Perhaps this is a good omen that diplomatic pressure will soon force a halt to hostilities with no further deaths or global consequences [for the time being anyway].